plate 2.jpg


Our 2019 commission to design a plate artwork for London Restaurant Bistrotheque. A creatively open brief, however we applied our own brief for the design, asking the question : ‘What is the worst thing I could find on my restaurant plate?’

 Our initial response, a hair!  And even more unpleasant, a plaster!


The blue plaster is directly linked and recognisable to the restaurant kitchen. In addition we felt it was also the perfect vibrant shade we could use as the starting point for our plate design colour palette.

Our challenge was to create an aesthetically pleasing design from an unconventional theme but still communicate a connection to the restaurant environment, the place the plate would reside.

Scanning real hair to create interesting and decorative random patterns (see video clip). We used these two themes; the hair and blue plaster as our starting points and translated them through collage techniques in to an artwork. Through our design process evolved the finished outcome, this hints at the original ideas via a muted palette and minimal aesthetic.


Photograph below by @deadhungry Alex Paganelli for Bistrotheque. All the final artworks from the 15 Artists commisioned.