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Above Workshop: Teddy Ceramic Sculpture Workshop

About us.

Michael Wild is a Designer-Maker at May Wild Studio and Fine Art Lecturer in Further Education. Michael designs and delivers creative activities to develop a range of practical and conceptual skills in art and design. He has over fourteen years experience of teaching Fine art practice and art theory to a broad range of learner levels ranging from BTEC, A level and Foundation diploma courses. Michael has also worked as a Art workshop Co-ordinater and devised and delivered multi sensory and interactive art based activities to individuals with complex and moderate learning difficulties and/or disabilities.Michael is also experiences in delivering art-based workshops to the general public in Art galleries exploring the creative responses to the museums/galleries collections and themed exhibitions and has also collaborated with the Stroke Association in designing specific art based activities to encourage communication and fine motor skills through pottery based sessions.

Rebecca May is a Designer-Maker at May Wild Studio. As well as an experienced designer maker trained in 3D Design specialising in ceramics Rebecca is also second careerist, originally trained and worked as a Building Surveyor for 13 years. Rebecca uses these transferable skills in design, technical drawing and measuring and a experienced knowledge of building and construction methods from her Building Surveying career and applies this to her current design practice through workshops, designing and constructing exhibition and photography sets and various technical ceramic and making methods. As a Designer -Maker Rebecca has delivered various themed ceramic workshops and also designed curated and ran a ceramic pop-up gallery.


Above Workshop: Take your line for a walk Workshop

Together as May Wild Studio we provide bespoke workshop using our diverse range of teaching and making experiences.

The premise of our workshops is to encourage the exploration of 2D and 3D materials and techniques through the participation of lively and engaging sessions. Activities we deliver try to reflect the diversity of the communities we live in and the large range of art forms that exist. Led by professional and experienced Designer-Makers these sessions explore a broad range of ideas, concepts and themes through the learning of materials and processes used in the following art and design disciplines:

Below Image - Jesmonite Workshops - Process, Surface/Object Design & Casting

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Techniques and skills we can cover:

Print: Collograph, Lino printing, metal/photo etching and intaglio.

Ceramics: Basic hand building techniques (slabbing, pinching, coiling), Wheel throwing, Printing on ceramics, Surface and decoration techniques.

Drawing: Basic observation drawing skills, still life, perspective drawing, Collage, expressive mark making and experimental drawing.

Painting: Colour and theory, abstract painting, expressive painting, surface and texture techniques.

Casting: Plaster casting, mould making with silicone/plaster, Jesmonite forms and tile making, Alginate body casting.

May Wild Studio specialist workshops and lectures: Our practice is a design studio that creates hand-made outcomes using varied making techniques and materials and we can create bespoke workshops that reflect the specifics of our practice and the objects we produce. We also provide lectures/talks discussing our design studio, our work and making practices.

The above images are examples of workshops we have delivered or alternatively we can create workshops that are based around specific collections, exhibitions, community project/s or themes, workshop length is also designed in to your choice of workshop from 1 or 2 day workshops to courses.

If you would like further information about our workshops please email us at